The outcome of an international competition, this telecommunications tower in the city of Çanakkale includes a public space with viewing platforms, a visitor center, an área for exhibitions, and a restaurant, making the most of the scenery provided by the Dardanelles Strait. A work of IND [Inter.National.Design] (Arman Akdoğan and Félix Madrazo) and Powerhouse Company (Nanne de Ru), it is a 100-meter-tall modular tower composed of core-ten steel plaques up to 40 millimeters thick, in a color that blends with the environs.

Striking up a dialogue between the infrastructure, the architecture, and the landscape, the scheme placed the parts at different points on the site, with the tower at the entrance and the public program at the opposite end, oriented to offer the best vistas of the surroundings. The circulation route defoms on plan and section, forming an elevated ring that around an inner garden where the distinction between the vegetation of the site and the surrounding forest blurs. The footpaths marked by local stones are suggestive elements, not really definitive routes. Petrous seats complete the landscaping project.