The elevator tower Halo Vigo is crowned with a ring that can be seen from different parts of Vigo. Located on Calle Serafín Avendaño, the new urban lift connects the Galician city’s intermodal station – a project of the firm Morphosis, led by Thom Mayne, comprising an AVE high-speed terminal, a bus depot, and a shopping center – to the area of the streets García Barbón and Rosalía de Castro 50 meters below.

The scheme presents a tower with a trapezoidal base measuring about 6x6 meters to fit two elevators, each taking in 21 people, and a suspended pedestrian walkway forming a ring with a 90-meter diameter. At the top of the tower, the walk to the intermodal station’s roof splits into two arches, forming the ring. Each is supported on either side of the glass volume of the panoramic central atrium, emerging from said roof. The northern route along the entire outer face is enclosed. The translucency of the outer surface ensures privacy for those living in the buildings on García Barbón. Conversely, the western arch route is open-air, following the profile and giving panoramic views of the surroundings. As for the material makeup of this urban piece, the front face of the tower and the outer side of the circle are covered in screen-printed glass. The slabs and profiles of the structure are clad in white plates of lacquered steel, concealing the steel and concrete structures.