Volksbühne Satellite Theater, Berlin

Diébédo Francis Kéré  Kéré Architecture 

Located in the center of Berlin, Tempelhof Airport closed its doors to passengers in 2008 during the migratory crisis to offer emergency shelter to the more than 8,000 refugees escaping war in the Middle East and other global conflicts. The construction of a temporary theater space of the Berlin Volksbühne marks a new chapter in the complex history of the airport, which will be enriched by cultural diversity.

The project wishes to promote a new type of theater experience that favors collaboration, impromptu performances, and communication. The barrier between audience and artists is blurred literally and metaphorically, favoring bidirectional exchange. The theater is designed as a mobile structure consisting of eight supports on wheels, and can be placed on the huge outdoor esplanade or in the aircraft hangars. Its extraordinary ceiling height and massive roller doors accentuate the space’s industrial character, creating a universal stage for experimental theater. Volksbühne is developing a diverse program of performances, concerts, exhibitions, and discussions. To accommodate such a range of activities, the components are designed to reconfigure to the specific needs of an event or performance.

Cliente Client

Volksbühne Berlin

Arquitectos Architects

Kéré Architecture

Equipo de diseño Design Team

Blake Villwock, Nina Tescari, Johanna Lehmann, Andrea Maretto, Jaime Herraiz, Adriana Arteaga, Damien Greder, Laura Bornet, Valeria Molinari

Superficie construida Built-up area

900 m²