Restoration and new entrance of the Acinipo Roman Theater in Ronda
Sergio Valadez 

Restoration and new entrance of the Acinipo Roman Theater in Ronda

Sergio Valadez 

The archaeological enclave of Acinipo, within the municipality of Ronda in Málaga province, features one of the oldest theaters of Hispania, built in the 1st century BC. The objective of the project drawn up by Sergio Valadez was to facilitate reading of the building’s historical, artistic, cultural, and heritage attributes. It involved consolidating, preserving, and restoring as well as preventing future pathologies, and pursued three main strategies.

One, by means of a drainage ditch, was preventing runoff waters from reaching the cavea. On the other hand, under criteria of minimizing intervention, without recomposing the theater’s geometry, and the reversibility of the material inputs, where additions are easily recognizable, a series of actions were carried out which involved cleaning the earth and the plant elements, sealing cracks with lime mortars, and applying consolidation treatments, herbicides, and water-repellents. Finally, a new entrance to the orchestra brings back the manner in which the upper classes of Roman society arrived at the theater, incorporating a wooden floor.

Material detached from the rock was put aside, no more than 250 meters away, for inventory purposes and archaeological supervision.

Acinipo Roman Theater Restoration, Ronda (Málaga) 

Cliente Client
Consejería de Cultura. Junta de Andalucía 

Arquitectos Architects
Sergio Valadez 

Colaboradores Collaborators
Pedro Gurriarán Daza, Pedro García Ramírez 

Arqueología Archaeology
José Antonio López García 

Constructora Contractor
Hermanos Campano S.L. 

Fotografía Photographs
Pablo F. Díaz-Fierros