Arboleda del Sur space, Ezcaray

Picado - De Blas Arquitectos 

A work of the Madrid practice of Rubén Picado and María José de Blas, this venue for banquets and other events in Hotel Echaurren, in the La Rioja town of Ezcaray, takes its name from the grove (arboleda) where it is located. The design addresses the sporadic use of the building while complying with regulations and a tight deadline: four months for execution. Thus the choice of a construction system that can be taken apart, with lightweight, self-supporting Purever panels resistant to the inclement climate conditions of the area: strong winds, plenty of snow, intense cold. To integrate itself into the place, the complex reduces its scale and fragments into small auxiliary blocks containing the kitchen, refrigeration chambers, dressing rooms, and bathrooms. The largest space, measuring 325 square meters, is diaphanous and opens on to the exterior. Including elements of local crafts, the event space is wrapped with curtains designed by the Madrid architects and made in an old blanket factory, while the ceiling is clad with screens of pressed cotton. To reduce the visual impact of the complex, the vegetation placed in it will grow on superposed metal structures and wooden lattices covering the south and west facades. Picado de Blas Eugeni Pons