Opera House, Shenzhen
First Prize

Opera House, Shenzhen

First Prize

The sinuous forms of the four auditoriums establish a connection with the sea, evoking the history of the city as a fishing village. Inside, the use of a pearlescent material generates reflections as a symbolic fusion of water, music, and light. 

Images: Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Obra Work
Opera House, Shenzhen (China)

Cliente Client
Engineering Design Management Center of Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality

Arquitectos Architects
Jean Nouvel - Ateliers Jean Nouvel (AJN)

Jefe de proyecto Project manager
Chen Chen, Ran She (AJN China); Didier Brault, Aurélien Coulanges, (Concurso Competition), Julie Parmentier (Paris)

Arquitectos subcontratados Subcontract architect
Samuel Nageotte Architectures (SNA)

Equipo Team
Tiphaine Dugast, Stacy Einsenberg, Alix Gasser, Pierrot Lankry, Anne Traband, Anh Viet (AJN); Tatiana Branco, Gilles Colomb, Claire Gaspin, Lucia Giudice, Elen Le Dez (SNA)

Escenografía, sala de conciertos Scenography, concert hall
Julie Parmentier, Stefan Zopp (AJN)

Modelo 3D 3D Modelling
He Li, Julie Soulat (AJN); Marion Autuori, Katherine Qian, Iléana Savescu (SNA)

Imágenes 3D 3D images
Sabrina Letourneur, Tanguy Nguyen, Ala Rassaa (AJN)

Grafismo Graphic Design
Amélie Besvel, Marlène Gaillard, Marie Maillard, Eugénie Robert, Léo Taiariol (AJN)

Paisaje Landscape
Yinan Du, David Euvrard, Isabelle Guillauic (AJN)

Consultores Consultants
Andrew Davids (ingeniería y presupueseto ingenieering & cost); Thornton Tomasetti, RFR (ingeniería ingenieering); Michel Cova, dUCKS (escenografía scenography); Ken Y.Luo + GDAD - Architectural Façade Designer Center (fachada facade)

Área Area
220.000 m²