Paleolithic Art Center Lascaux IV

Paleolithic Art Center Lascaux IV


The only visible portion of the building in the landscape is a narrow band of 200 meters and amber tones; there, a clay ramp enclosed in polished concrete walls leads to the recreation of the Paleolithic cave and its paintings... [+]

Obra Work

Paleolithic Art Center Lascaux IV

Cliente Client

Conseil général de Dordogne

Fecha de concurso Competition date

septiembre 2012?September 2012

Jefe del proyecto Project Leader

Thomas Amarsy

Ingeniería Engineering

EGIS (estructura structure)

Consultores Consultant

Ducks Sceno (escenografía scenography); Nathalie Grenet (museógrafo museographer); Michel Desvigne Paysagiste (paisaje landscape); MC2 (iluminación lighting); AVEL Acoustique (acústica acoustics); Nobatek (desarrollo sostenible HQE sustainable development); EGIS (estructura structure); Casso et Associés (seguridad frente a incendios fire protection)