National Museum in Kabul - AV62
First Prize

National Museum in Kabul - AV62

First Prize

The area’s conflictivity urges to protect the museum with a huge boundary wall, impassable from the exterior and internally lined with vegetation, visually becoming part of the garden.

The longitudinal evenness generated by the vaults is interrupted by the apparent verticality of the domes and the courtyards, used to distract and insert pauses in the linear exhibition route...[+]

AV62 Arquitectos slp

Arquitectos Architects
Victoria Garriga, Toño Foraster

Equipo de diseñoDesign Team
Stefano Carnelli, Blanca Pujals, Itziar Imaz, Samantha Sgueglia, Nuno Lopes

Infografías Renders
Luis de la Fuente