Project to Revive the Adhamiya Area, Baghdad
AV62 Arquitectos  Pedro García del Barrio  Pedro Azara 

After the devastation the district suffered in the fall of 2007, the current efforts of the administration now focus on reestablishing life in this neighborhood located on the shores of the Tigris in the center of Baghdad. The complete refurbishment project presented by the Barcelona-based team AV62 for the district’s 490 hectares proposes a model of physical intervention on two scales: territorially the actions suggested address the improvement of the transportation network and the metropolitan equipments; in the district the project aims to improve the interior urban conditions, and on the reconstruction of the bridges that link up with the neighboring areas. These connections are meant to become gathering areas for formerly conflicting social groups...[+]

Proyecto de revitalización del distrito de Adhamiya 
Project to Revive the Adhamiya Area in Baghdad

Arquitectos Architects
AV62 arquitectos SLP (Victoria Garriga y Toño Foraster), Pedro García del Barrio, Pedro Azara

Colaboradores Collaborators
Blanca Pujals, Stefano Carnelli, Anna Larré, Duarte Almeida, Nuno Lopes, Zsuzsanna Tolnai, Zitta Pelle, Elsa Escobedo