National Museum in Kabul - Emilio Tuñón
Second Prize

National Museum in Kabul - Emilio Tuñón

Second Prize

The project draws inspiration from the traditional building types and the spatial sequences distinctive of Muslim architecture, seeking a renewed image of the rich Afghan culture.

The organization of the museum, based on that of the Afghan citadel Qala Iktyaruddin, creates a spatial matrix through the aggregation of three types of autonomous, modular and vaulted cells.

So as to minimize transportation and avoid having to bring materials from abroad, the project favors the use of local techniques and products, such as the Afghan brick covering the building...[+]

Emilio Tuñón Arquitectos

Arquitecto Architect
Emilio Tuñón

Equipo de diseñoDesign Team
Jesús Vassallo, Coco Castillón, Andrés Regueiro, Carlos Brage

Consultores Consultants
J.G. Asociados (ingeniería engineering), Estudio AGraph (fotomontajes photomontages), HCH Models (maquetistas model makers)