Museum of London, Smithfield Market, London

Museum of London, Smithfield Market, London


The proposal for the New London Museum at Smithfield Market adapts its program to the available spaces, making the most of the preexisting, its uniqueness and richness, and intervening to improve circulation and to highlight the qualities of the place... [+]

Obra Work
Museum of London, Smithfield Market

Cliente Client
Museum of London

Arquitectos Architects
Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal, Pernilla Ohrstedt studio

Arquitecto de ejecución y conservación Executive and conservation architect
Allies & Morrison

Consultor de urbanismo y patrimonio Urbanism and heritage consultant
Alan Baxter associates

Colaboradores Collaborators
Marcos Garcia Rojo (jefe de proyecto project chief); Claire Criqui, Olivier Lekien, Cherry Okumura, Emmanuelle Delage, Gaëtan Redelsperger, Cloé Cazade, Antoine Contour, Joseph Dujardin  

Artes gráficas Graphics