Lima Art Museum, Burgos & Garrido, LLAMA Urban Design
First Prize

Lima Art Museum, Burgos & Garrido, LLAMA Urban Design

First Prize

Conceived almost like a mirror image, the project presents a set of three volumes above ground and three under, connected to each other like figures and their reflections in a pond. The Parque de la Exposición where it is located, dating back to 1870, still preserves some magnificent buildings, including the Moorish and Byzantine Pavilions, and the new constructions will engage in a dialogue with them, both through their scale and through their monumental presence... [+]

The three volumes that rise from the ground - entrace pavilion, library, and courtyard - correspond with the three suberranean ones, which contain classrooms, the exhibitions gallery, and an indoor garden. 

 The three volumes that rise above ground – the pavilion leading to the classrooms, the library, and the courtyard – correspond with the three subterranean boxes, which contain the classrooms, the exhibition gallery, and the inner garden, and receive natural light, filtered, through a continuous large surface of glass.

Drawing inspiration from the typical courtyards of the Peruvian capital, the Lima Contemporary Art Museum features an open-air space, a courtyard with jacaranda trees, which in turn wraps up the park and makes it possible to regulate the flow of visitors by leading them towards the differentiated entrances to the new building.

Its privileged location right beside the Lima Art Museum (MALI) will make MAC Lima an instrumental piece in the creation of a pedestrian corridor connecting the Exhibitions Park to the Rimac district north of the city of Lima.

Obra Work

Museo de Arte de Lima Contemporary Art Museum in Lima

Cliente Client

Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI)

Arquitectos Architects

Burgos & Garrido / Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido; Llama Urban Design / Mariana Leguía, Angus Laurie

Colaboradores Collaborators

Agustín Martín, Javier Malo de Molina, Jonás Prieto, María Pilar Recio, Teresa Carro, Guillermo Santos, Andoni Garrán, Patrick Webb, José Pineda, Santiago Nieto, Alberto López, Héctor Pérez