Willamette Falls Riverwalk, Oreg

Willamette Falls Riverwalk, Oreg


The project recovers the natural site for visitors, putting at their service the industrial infrastructures that took up the riverbank during the industrial boom more than a century ago. A raised walkway draws visitors in and guides them as they arrive.

Following the main promenade, visitors arrive at The Public Yard, a broad plaza with expansive views. At the southern edge of the Yard, the concrete structures and urban area are removed to expose the historic shoreline and bedrock.

Together the boilers and Mill H structures provide an iconic destination by the edge of the river. Mill H is fragmented into three distinct volumes: a conifer grove, a children’s play tower, and a structure with two viewing platforms in the upper and lower levels.

A walkway goes around the clarifier - a circular structure of the old paper mill for the treatment of water that is recovered as a gathering and breakout space - and links Mill H with the higher area of the dam, allowing the public to visit the falls...[+]

Obra Work
Intervención en las Cataratas de Willamette, Oregón (EE.UU.) 
Willamette Falls Riverwalk, Oregon (USA)  

Arquitectos Architects
Snøhetta: Matt McMahon, Michelle Delk, Craig Dykers Ben Matthews, Emilia Hurd, Justin Shea, Sonja Cheng 
Socios del proyecto Project partners group: City of Oregon City, Clackamas County, Metro, State of Oregon

Clientes del proyecto Project client team
City of Oregon City, Clackamas County, Metro, State of Oregon, Falls Legacy, LLC, PGE 

Equipo de consultores Consultant team
Mayer/Reed Inc. (arquitecto paisajista local local landscape architect); DIALOG (diseño urbano urban design); JLA Public Involvement (especialista en contratación pública public engagement specialist); KPFF Engineers (ingeniería civil y de estructuras structural & civil engineering); Flowing Solutions (ingeniería hidráulica in-water engineering); DKS Associates (ingeniería de tráfico traffic engineering); NW Geotech (ingeniería geotécnica geotechnical engineering); DCW Cost Management (gestión presupuestaria cost management) 

Consultores de los clientes Client consultants
CH2M and Stillwater Sciences (hidrología y restauración de los ríos river hydrology and restoration ecologists); MIG (informe sobre el paisaje cultural cultural landscape report) 

Imágenes Images
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