Hitachi City Hall
First Prize

Hitachi City Hall

First Prize

The new town hall building will go up on the site of the former, which suffered damage in the earthquake of 2011. The building is organized in two parts: a block of offices and meeting rooms, and a semiopen vaulted space with a varied program... [+]

Obra Work

Hitachi City Hall

Fecha de diseño Design years


Fecha de construcción Construction years


Cliente Client

Hitachi City

Equipo de proyecto Project Team

Rikiya Yamamoto, Hiroaki Katagiri, Nobuhiro Kitazawa, Takashi Yuasa, Marina Miyazaki

Consultores Consultants

ARUP (ingeniería de estructuras structural engineer); Sogo Consultants, ARUP (ingeniería mecánica mechanical engineer); GA Yamazaki (paisajismo landscape); Comprehensive  Construction Consultant. OHBA CO., LTD (transporte transportation); ARUP (medio ambiente environment); Futaba Quantity Surveyors Co., Ltd. (aparejador quantity surveyor); Mikami Architects (director de obra construction management support)