The team comprising the Madrid practices Extudio and Matos Castillo arquitectos has won the competition to build in Zamora a museum on the city's popular celebration of thje passion, death, and resurrection of Christ. The complex geometry of the site is the result of a long established urban core and the acquisitiion of heterogeneous plots for the construction of the new museum, which will incorporate the old one and consolidate its current entrance, from which the Holy Week floats exit.

The new composition of volumes is formed by massive walls of tinted and texturized concrete erected between courtyards and perforated by skylights. The interior space unfolds as a succession of chapels chained together along a north-south axis slightly deviated to coincide with the orientation of the Church of Santa María la Nueva, which faces the museum. Two types of interconnected halls establish two different scales to showcase tall floats and artistic pieces of smaller dimensions.