Experimental Pavilions in EPFL - Kuma / Holzer Kobler
First Prize

Experimental Pavilions in EPFL - Kuma / Holzer Kobler

First Prize

A sheltered pathway with an animated facade offers an enjoyable stroll across the half kilometer long itinerary that connects the esplanade to the student housing, offering activities, exhibitions and events for those walking by.

The 260 meter roof is a reproduction of the typical models of Swiss vernacular architecture, providing the group of pavilions with a strong identity. The pavilions are separated through mobile panels that adjust to the different activities and climates. allowing flexibility...  [+]


Kengo Kuma & Associates / Holzer Kobler

Jefe de proyectoProject chief
Javier Villar Ruiz

Equipo de diseño Design Team
Rita Topa, Masafimi Yukimoto, Joenna Kim, Will Lambeth, Samantha Frame, Hugo Maia

Colaboradores Collaborators
Holzer Kobler Architekturen (arquitecto local contact architect)

Consultores Consultants
Ejiri Structural Engineers (estructura structural engineering), Buro Happold —fase de concurso competition phase— (instalaciones MEP), Hiroyo Yamamoto —KKAA— (infografía interiores  interior renderings), Studio Cyrille Thomas (infografía exteriores  exterior renderings)