Eco-chimneys in Vallecas

Eco-chimneys in Vallecas

Soriano y Asociados Arquitectos 

Far from being an aggressive presence in its neighbordood of the district of Vallecas, in the city of Madrid, the e-chimneys of this factory for the production of energy by cogeneration tries to give shape to what is a public space in every sense, so the surroundings have been urbanized in such a way that a pleasant place for neighborhood life is created, and the structure of the chimneys has been used to raise a light permeable mesh that gives protection against radiation while allowing natural ventilation. Hence, 48 units of ducts for steam escape and air take-in are grouped in six large chimneys rising up to 38 meters, formed by a mast 30 centimeters in diameter combined with several compression rings that absorb horizontal pressures. Over these rings formed by steel tubes, a porous and resistant canvas is stretched, made of polyvinyl chloride-coated polyester fiber woven with optic fiber to give the surface its reflecting properties.

Obra Work 

Ecochimeneas de la central de energía de barrio en Vallecas Eco-chimneys for the District Heating Installation in Vallecas, Madrid (Spain).

Cliente Client

Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

Fecha Date


Arquitectos Architects

Soriano y Asociados Arquitectos/ Federico Soriano, Dolores Palacios.

Colaboradores Collaborators

Marcos Zaragoza, Severino Alfonso, Carolina Cabello, Álvaro Martín Fidalgo, Leonor Macedo, Annie Martínez-Pita, Ana Pereira, Leticia Sáez Muñuyerro, Marina Rocarols, Sergio Rufo, Francisco Triviño, Marta Celada.

Consultor de estructuras Structures consultant

BOMA / Luis Moya.

Lona tensada Textile canvas supplier

BAT Spain,

Fotos Photos

Ricardo Santonja, Estudio S&Aa.