Cultural and Sports Center in Reignier-Esery
Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos  Novae Architectes 

The proposal dialogues with the urban and natural context of the town through its materials and volumetry. The roof is the main element, with a serrated profile that evokes the geometry of the traditional roofs of the Alps and also the mountainscape... [+]

Autor Author

Nieto Sobejano  

Propiedad Ownership

Ayto de Reignier-Esery  

Arquitectos Architects

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos – Fuensanta Nieto, Enrique Sobejano, Carlos Ballesteros – y NOVAE Architectes (arquitecto local?local architect)

Arquitecto de proyecto Project architect

Simone Lorenzon

Equipo de proyecto Project team

Selina Feduchi, José Miguel Moreno, Valeria Polato  

Ingenieros Engineers


Sostenibilidad Sustainability

Etamin Acústica?Acoustics: Rez’on  

Paisajismo Landscape


Infografías Visualization Partner

Francisco Mateos Cano