Connection between Chiado and Terraços do Carmo, Lisbon
Álvaro Siza 

Connection between Chiado and Terraços do Carmo, Lisbon

Álvaro Siza 

In August 1988 a fire destroyed eighteen buildings in the historic Chiado quarter, and since then the area’s recovery has been carried out in different phases. Aside from the reconstruction of the demolished volumes, the project takes the opportunity to remodel the whole urban context. The intervention includes, therefore, the pedestrian paths between the lower part of the Chiado and the ruins of the Carmo Convent, which had been lost in the fire but had existed before and was worth recovering due to its strategic location.

The topographic complexity of the area, with a drop of over twenty meters, called for a meticulous operation able to revitalize the residual spaces and create a continuous itinerary. Through a passage from Garrett street one reaches the interior courtyard block, where a ramp and zigzagging stairs ascend towards the base of the Carmo Convent. Around the monument, a series of intertwined platforms create rest areas and lookouts towards the downtown area of the city. All this is achieved using the same type of calcareous stone and imitating the color of the rendering, to minimize the presence of the intervention across from the historic center. 

Obra Work

Ligação pedonal do Pátio B do Chiado, Largo do Carmo e Terraços do Carmo

Cliente Client

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Arquitectos Architects

Álvaro Siza, Carlos Castanheira

Colaboradores Collaborators

Carlos Castanheira & Clara Bastai: Filomena Nascimento, Luísa Sarmento —proyecto básico design project—; Pedro Carvalho (coordinador coordinator), Marta Oliveira, Diana Vasconcelos, Sara Pinto, Susana Oliveira, Fernanda Sá (colaboradores collaborators) —proyecto de ejecución construction project—

Consultores Consultants

Gabinete de Organização e Projectos

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Fernando Guerra / FG+SG, Carolina Santiago