Inspired by Philadelphia’s rich textile tradition, this installation shows how one single material can produce an extraordinary structure with the power to unite the community. This installation, in the Perelman atrium of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, was part of the exhibition ‘The Architecture of Francis Kéré: Building for Community’ within the ‘Creative Africa’ series.

Hung from the ceiling of the Perelman atrium space, the colorful cord becomes both a massive volume and a unifying element that encloses the visitors. Conceptually, the formal expression of the installation was generated using a combination of organic and rectilinear geometries inspired by the contrasting layouts of the typical African village and the American city. In the spirit of communal building practices in rural Africa, the detailing of the installation was designed so that it could be built by individuals with no construction experience. Threading the components required no tools or complicated techniques, making the assembly process so safe and simple that even children could participate. A collection of audio samples, recorded both in Burkina Faso and Philadelphia, communicate atmosphere, enriching the physical and visual experience.

Cliente Client

Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA)

Arquitectos Architects

Kéré Architecture

Equipo de diseño Design Team

Adriana Arteaga, Blake Villwock (arquitectos del proyecto project architects), Daniel Heuermann, Nanna Friis

Colaboradores Collaborators

Jack Schlecter, Jamie Montgomery, James Bassett-Cann —PMA— (producción production), Kathryn B. Hiesinger, Colin Fanning —PMA— (comisario curator), Stephen Keever —PMA— (producción audiovisual audio and video), University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Architecture students (sonidos sounds), PMA staff and volunteers, Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Executive Board and event committee, and Museum visitors (voluntarios volunteers), Gladding Braid (proveedor supplier)

Fabricación Fabricators

Philadelphia Museum of Art (montaje de cuerda y estructura cord assembly and structure), Moorland Studios (estructura metálica metal fabrication)

Patrocinadores Sponsors

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Institute of Museum and Library Services, The Arlin and Neysa Adams Endowment Fund, The Kathleen C. and John J. F. Sherrerd Fund for Exhibitions, Osagie and Losengelmosogie

Superficie construida Built-up area

45 m²

Fotos Photos

Tim Tiebout