National Swimming Center, Beijing (project stage)
PTW Architects 

National Swimming Center, Beijing (project stage)

PTW Architects 

Conceived as the partner of the new National Stadium and inspired by similar ideas, the new swimming center is shaped as an aquatic Yin, serene and feminine in contrast with the stimulating, masculine, and fiery Yang of the stadium designed by Herzog & de Meuron. With the structure as the predominant element to address all the constructive, spatial and image requirements, it is formed by a weightless tridimensional grid whose exact geometry, perfectly regular and defined, evokes the state of aggregation of water foam. The result is a parallelepiped of water, a ‘watercube’.

Two translucent skins made of ETFE membranes cover the exterior and interior part of the volume, allowing to collect solar energy and ensuring the performance of the building as an enormous greenhouse. To control the changing temperature and illumination needs, the interior skin can open up to let light in. To openly show that it is a squared and elementary aquatic city, the building shall be surrounded by a deep pit, and the only way to access it will be via bridges coinciding with the entrances to the different sports areas, separated by surfaces formed by identical molecular structure... [+]

Cliente Client
People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing State-owned Assets Management

Arquitectos Architects
PTW Architects, CSCEC, ARUP

Colaboradores Collaborators
PTW: John Bilmon (director director); Mark Butler, Chris Bosse, John Blanchard, Alan Crowe, Andrew Frost, Michael Lam, John Pauline, Kurt Wagner. CSCEC: Zhao Xiaojun, Wang Min, Shang Hong. ARUP: Tristram Carfrae (director director); Peter Macdonald (estructura structure); Kenneth Ma (instalaciones building services); Haico Schepers (física de la construcción building physics); Ken Conway (ingeniería ambiental environmental engineering); Mark Lewis (comunicaciones communications); Steve Pennell, Stuart Bull (infografías tridimensionales 3D CAD drawings)

Consultores Consultants
Arup Group (estructura e instalaciones structure and building services); Three Gorges International Tendering (concurso competition management)