R. E. Lindner Athletics Center, Cincinnati
Bernard Tschumi 

R. E. Lindner Athletics Center, Cincinnati

Bernard Tschumi 

Sarah Amelar

Withan elongated kidney bean of a plan, the Richard E. Lindner Athletics Center slips sleekly into a tight and jaggedly irregular site at the University of Cincinnati. Though the client had given architect Bernard Tschumi his pick of campus locations – and had not even considered offering such a stunningly cramped spot – the architect went right for this challenging scrap of land, squeezed by a football stadium, a basketball arena, and Morphosis’s Campus Recreation Center... [+]

Cliente Client

University of Cincinnati

Arquitectos Architects

Bernard Tschumi Architects

Colaboradores Collaborators

Kim Starr, Phu Hoang, Robert Holton, Jane Dim, Nicolas Martin, Eva Sopeoglou, Joel Aviles, Chong-zi Chen, Irene Cheng, Jonathan Chace, Adam Dayem, William Feuerman, Thomas Goodwill, Daniel Holguin, Matthew Gufft, Michaela Metcalf, Valentin Bontjes van Beek, Allis Chee, Justin Moore; Glaserworks (arquitecto asociado associate architect)

Consultores Consultants

THP, Arup (estructura structural engineering); Heapy Engineers, Arup (instalaciones mechanical engineering); Human Nature (paisajismo landscape); Eva Maddox (gráfica museo museum graphics); Arup Acoustic (acústica acoustic); Arup Lighting (iluminación lighting); Hargreaves Associates (plan director master plan); Kolar Design/Marcia Shortt Design (señalización signage); Design Details (interiorismo interior designer); ICB Audio (audiovisual audiovisual)

Fotos Photos

Peter Mauss/Esto, McKenrick Lee Photography