University Guest House, Hamburg
First Prize

University Guest House, Hamburg

First Prize

The new guest house integrates architectural topics of the vicinity – solitary positioning, staggering or repetition – to generate a volume of flowing contours and sculptural quality. Loggias and terraces permit a direct relation to the exterior...[+]

Obra Work
University Guest House, Hamburg (Germany)

Cliente Client
Universität Hamburg

Arquitectos Architects
Buchner Bründler Architekten + Proplaning

Socios Partners
Daniel Buchner, Andreas Bründler

Asociados Associates
Raphaela Schacher, Nick Waldmeier

Gestión de proyecto Project manager
Benjamin Hofmann

Equipo Team
Elisabet Sundin, Lennart Cleemann, Anne Kathrin, Müller, Leonie Hagen, Laura Ehme

Visualizaciones Visualisations
Bloomimages Architektur Visualisierung