Bamboo Courtyard in Yangzhou
Wei Sun / HWCD 
Bamboo Courtyard in Yangzhou

Bamboo Courtyard in Yangzhou

Wei Sun / HWCD 

This teahouse is located in the heart of Shiqiao Garden, one of the most beautiful places in the historic city of Yangzhou. The floating pavilion sits on a lake, with its irregular bays placed around a small open courtyard. Designed to suggest the atmosphere of privacy that traditional tea ceremonies demand, but maintaining the connection with the landscape outside, the building has been completed using two types of natural material: ceramic bricks on loadbearing walls whose thermal inertia ensures that the space can be warmed up passively; and bamboo poles placed in extremely permeable lattices that protect against the sun but also favor an adequate natural ventilation. Built by local craftsmen, these lattices are organized in horizontal and vertical planes, and form a grid where the bamboo poles are placed in different directions and with different densities, generating a beautiful interplay of cast shadows, which changes with the seasons and the weather.

Obra Work

Pabellón de té de bambú Bamboo Courtyard in Yangzhou (China).

Situación Location

Jardines de Shiqiao Shiqiao Gardens, Yangzhou, Jiangsu.

Fecha Date


Superficie construida Built Area

400 m2.

Cliente Client

Construction Bureau of the Economy and Technology Development.

Arquitectos Architects

Wei Sun / HWCD.

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