Timber Pavilion #2 in Zhenjiang
LIN Architects 

Timber Pavilion #2 in Zhenjiang

LIN Architects 

Based on prior theoretical research, this prototype experiments with space in terms of the small scale and of patterns of human behavior, such as how people use space in interacting with one another. On the street Gouyuan – in the Chinese city of Zhenjiang – this 50-square-meter pavilion engages in dialogue with local architectural tradition. In a composition of curving and straight lines, slightly raised over the ground, the wooden structure divides the space into distinct sections that create a play of openings and seats at different heights.

Obra Work
Pabellón de madera #2 – Un experimento de arquetipo
Wooden Pavilion #2 – An experiment of archetype 

Cliente Client
Aoya Design

Arquitectos Architects
LIN Architects / Lin Lifeng, Zongrui Chai

Superficie Area
50 m² (proyecto project), 200 m² (exterior exterior)

Apoyo a la investigación docente y materiales Teaching research support and Materials Support
RAC Studio

Construcción Construction guidance
Shanghai Mule Kangle Wood Structure Co., LTD 

Consultores Técnicos Technical Consultants
Shao Yinghong, Hu Hongman, Xie Gong 

Dibujos Drawings 
Hu Xinwen, Xi Zhihua, Lihuanyang 

Participación en el diseño y construcción  Design participation and site construction
Hu Xinwen, Xi Zhihua, Li Huanyang, Wang Sijie, Jian Jilei, Xu Ruoxin, Ye Xingtong, Yan Zhanlin, Wei Qingyuan, Wang Tianxu, Wu Zile, Yu Tingting, Lin Tianyu 

Fotos Photos
Songkai, Lin Lifeng