Art Installation Sandworm
Marco Casagrande 
Art Installation Sandworm

Art Installation Sandworm

Marco Casagrande 

Echoing the dunes of the shore of Wenduine, a resort in the North Sea, this installation was created for Beaufort 04, the fourth Triennial of Contemporary Art by the Sea. At this event, internationally acclaimed artists dotted the edges of the western Belgian coast with gigantic works which stimulated reflection on the landscape, on the human being, and on the state of art.

The site-specific art installation Sandworm is an organic construction made exclusively of braided willow branches. An oval-shaped opening marks the transition between the exterior, which relates with the dunes and the interior space, the atmosphere of which is defined by the filigree of lights and shadows that the warp and the woof of the structure throw on the sand. Along the 45-meter length of the pavilion, between the two open ends of the botanical vault, this atmosphere undergoes a series of visual compressions and decompressions.

Erected in four weeks, the pavilion is the fruit of close collaboration between local artisans, all experts in the use of wood from weeping willow trees. For its construction, the transversal ribs were set at different heights. The finest branches were woven over them, as in a wicker basket. More than an enormous sandworm, the result is like a chamber of branches, in effect a willow cathedral.

Obra Work 

Sandworm (instalación artística art installation in Belgium).

Autor Author

Marco Casagrande.

Colaboradores Collaborators 

Jan Luksik, Jan Tyrpekl, Lukas Landa, Zuzana Hanuskova.

Consultores Consultants

Karol Jaworski (especialista sauce willow expert); Santiago de Waele, Karl van Kelst (Beaufort).

Fotos Photos 

Nikita Wu