Apartment Building in Estocolmo
Joliark architects 
Apartment Building in Estocolmo

Apartment Building in Estocolmo

Joliark architects 

Conceived in the manner of a dollhouse, this building located in the city of Stockholm contains forty-four apartments, distributed in two volumes. Its main points of interest from the point of view of construction are, first, its composition of twenty-three modules assembled in the factory and then stacked directly on top of one another on the building site, and second, the extensive use of steel in the claddings, which take on different finishes, depending on the function of the spaces within, and their position in the complex. In this way, while the parapets give an impression of transparency and smoothness thanks to the perforation of the sheets that form them, the opaque surfaces – as well as the jambs of the windows and also the painstakingly executed profiles that the joints present – are made of galvanized steel with a matte finish. The panels make up a part of a ventilated facade, which is directly anchored to the solid inner wall of reinforced concrete. 

Obra Work 

Edificio de viviendas Apartment building in Stockholm (Sweden).

Cliente Client

Reinhold Gustafsson Förvaltnings AB.

Superficie construida Floor area

5750 m².

Fecha Date


Arquitecto Architect

Joliark architects. Per Johanson (jefe de proyecto project manager); Stina Johansson, Amanda Hedman (equipo de proyecto project team).

Consultor de fachada Facade consultant

Three L Technologies SIA (fachada facade).

Fotos Photos

Joliark/Torjus Dahl (exterior).