Parkings in Bahrain
Christian Kerez 

Parkings in Bahrain

Christian Kerez 

The locations are on a route traced through the city center to give importance to a series of buildings that have been declared world heritage sites because of the roles they have played in traditional pearling.

In all four garages, the usual succession of ramps and horizontal floors becomes double-curve plates that fold up to create a continuous surface. Despite complex forms, the structural scheme is reduced to simple slabs and pillars built with common formworks and scaffolds. 

The largest of the four completed buildings (Plot A) exemplifies the geometric and constructive exploration that pursued bare spaces where the raw materiality of concrete would ensure fluid movement...[+]

Bahrain Authority of Culture and Antiquities

Christian Kerez; Caio Barboza (jefe de proyecto project architect); Dennis Saiello, Lisa Kusaka (arquitectos locales architects of record); Daniel Carlson, Laura Paluch, Raoul Dubois, Jens Knöpfel, Matthias Leutert, Apolinário Soares, Jonas Løland, Sofia Blanco Santos, Christiana Pitsillidou, Korbinian Huber, Enrico Pinto, Siwen Wang, Anna Molodij, Yi Wang, Viktoriya Maleva, Oleksandra Nikitenko (equipo team)

Arsinals Engineering Design (ingeniería local engineer of record); EDGE Consulting Engineering (encuentros pilar-forjado column-slab connections); Strong Force (forjado pretensado pre-stressing slab); Mario Monotti, Tim Peters (escalera staircase); Neven Kostic (pasamanos handrail); Catherine Dumont d’Ayot (paisajismo landscape); Baukolorit (hormigón concrete); LK Argus (tráfico traffic engineering); Alden Studio (simulación de tráfico 3D traffic simulation); Siegrun Appelt, Mathias Burger (iluminación lighting)

Maxime Delvaux