9 April Garden Bar

9 April Garden Bar


The 9 April Garden, also known as the Rocha de Conde de Óbidos Garden or of the Albertas – in reference to the convent of the Carmelite nuns, which went up right in front, and that has been replaced today with the National Museum of Ancient Art – is part of a heritage site of great architectural and urban interest in the city of Lisbon. Its elevated position across from the Tagus turns this green space into a lookout platform with impressive views of the river and the town of Almada, on the opposite shore.

The bar and its terrace are set out over an existing building linked to the garden. With a light appearance and a completely glazed facade, the building consists of a single-floor volume with a rectangular floor plan and a flat roof. Its open-plan interior has a metallic structure integrated in two opaque cores containing, respectively, the bathroom and the kitchen, located at the ends of the piece, and in two round columns facing the bar, which takes up the central area of the floor plan. The curved edges of the building emphasize its compact and independent appearance, offering spectacular panoramic views from the interior. From the city, in contrast, its presence is subtly asserted through reflections and transparencies.  

Cliente Client

Prado & Palma

Arquitectos Architects

ASPA: José Maria Cumbre, Nuno Sousa Caetano

Colaboradores Collaborators

Carolina Castro Freire

Consultores Consultants

PRPC engenheiros: João Paulo Cardoso (cimentación y estructura foundations and structural engineering); Energia Técnica: João Mira (instalaciones eléctricas, telecomunicaciones, seguridad y salud electrical, telecommunications and safety installations); Energia Técnica: Luís Loureiro (Instalaciones de acondicionamiento HVAC systems); Energia Técnica: João Paulo Branco, Pereira Monteiro (gas, agua y saneamiento gas, water and sewerage installations); Deolinda Cancela (mediciones y presupuesto measurements and budget)

Contratista Contractor


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Fernando Guerra | FG+SG