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A change in how people consume contemporary art is under way

Fuente:  The Economist

The vogue for immersive exhibitions has implications for the market, too.

Across all four walls of a vast hall, Vincent van Gogh’s blue irises begin to sway. They bloom gently at first, then more violently, as the music builds to a crashing crescendo. Visitors to “Immersive Van Gogh” (pictured), now showing at a former music venue in San Francisco, sit or stand in socially distant circles on the floor, their bodies bathed in the glow of these animated laser projections.

On America’s other coast, visitors will do more than marvel when a new exhibition space covering 50,000 square feet (4,645 square metres) opens on April 22nd. At Superblue Miami they will be able to touch the blossoms snaking across a huge wall, and in doing so make the artwork move and change. “Proliferating Immense Life—A Whole Year per Year”, a digitally projected installation by teamLab, a Japanese art collective, is a shimmering cycle of the seasons in which visitors’ hands cause plants to bloom and decay, petals scattering in a balletic display. No two visits are ever the same...

The Economist: A change in how people consume contemporary art is under way

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