An architectural critic on the British throne

An architectural critic on the British throne


The new head of the United Kingdom is an advocate of traditional architecture and has promoted it in his estates in Cornwall through a development, Poundbury, with Léon Krier as principal advisor. During his time as Prince of Wales he wrote texts in defense of heritage, and his criticisms resulted in the cancellation of the initial scheme for the extension of London’s National Gallery, which then led to the definitive handing of the commission to Venturi and Scott Brown. Luis Fernández-Galiano laid down King Charles III’s architectural opinions in ‘La rebelión de los floreros’ (‘The Revolt of the Flowerpots’), an article first printed in the newspaper El País in 1989, when he who will now don the crown, then 40 years old, published his book-manifesto, A Vision of Britain.

‘La rebelión de los floreros’ in pdf

Bloomberg: King Charles III, City Maker

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