Rainbow Carpet, by Junya Ishigami

Rainbow Carpet, by Junya Ishigami


For Thailand Biennale, Junya Ishigami proposed an architectural project, “Rainbow Carpet,” an arcshaped bridge crossing over the old moat of ancient Korat city. The bridge measures 77m wide and 30m long, with an area of 2,310 square meters. The “Carpet” will be made by sewing local bricks together with a steel wire passing through their holes. Thus, fastening the massive number of bricks together and reinforcing the arched brick construction. The thin brick membrane will float as if wafting on the breeze. This rainbow carpet covering the canal, people can take refuge from the intense sunlight. They are able to enjoy the light streaming down, while spending a quiet afternoon in the comfortable embrace of the shade and gazing at the sky from the canal bank.

This ongoing project is introduced through a model in the Art Gallery and Exhibition near the canal. The proposed new landscape bridges both Korat’s history and it’s future...

Rainbow Carpet

AV Proyectos 95: Dossier Junya Ishigami

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