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Corrales & Molezún: A Centenary in Context

Modern Roots

Justo Isasi 

In this day and age, fascinated as we are by anything announced as extraordinary, and even more if anointed as iconic, it is no easy matter to praise the genius of José Antonio Corrales and Ramón Vázquez Molezún. Respect for centenaries aside, one wonders if their oeuvre is upheld as exemplary architecture, or if we are simply talking about the forgotten roots of that debatable pre-1975 Spanish modernity. Nevertheless, the genius of the Corrales-Molezún duo – in that earlier modernity – was a guide for many architects. Hard to follow at the time and hard to recall now, it was a genius of silent mastery and internal coherence. Averse to self-exhibition, eager to find answers for the architecture of their time and their country, Corrales and Molezún must be regarded in their context if something is to be learned from the work they left behind...[+]

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