Ulan Bator, Mongolia

I doubt there is anything else we can talk about since the inauspicious arrival of covid-19. The speed of contagion and the glut of fatalities, including large portions of doctors and nurses doing their jobs, have in less than a month forced at least 50% of humanity to live in quarantine. How can we remain silent about the massive unemployment, not seen since the 1930s, and the economic devastation, in particular of the tourist industry and of small businesses? Will anyone dare take a cruise ship again? (Personally, I hope not, they are the worst polluters on the planet.) And then, who can ignore the sufferings of families, children, and schools, all of which have had to conform to social distancing and virtual communication as a mode of survival? The questions on most people’s minds are: What next? Will there be work? Will there be money? Will we be able to meet on the street? Can we kiss again?... [+]

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