CSCAE Gold Medal 2002


Antonio Fernández Alba

The Spanish Council of Architectural Associations has awarded Antonio Fernández Alba, at the age of 75, with its gold medal, recognizing the “excellence of his built work, his constant commitment with the intellectual avant-garde and criticism, and the extended influence of his teaching”. The award was presented to him at the Royal Academy of the Arts of San Fernando, of which the architect is a member since 1987. Graduated from the Madrid School in 1957, year in which he co-founded the art group El Paso, Fernández Alba combines professional practice and teaching. His research is gathered in books such as Los axiomas del crepúsculo and La ciudad herida. Honored in 2001 with the gold medal of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, the architect claims to have been formed under the auspices of the Modern Movement and the enlightened reason; the Convento del Rollo and the Carmelo de San José, in Salamanca, the Monfort school in Loeches, and the restoration of the Astronomical Observatory in Madrid and of the Plaza Mayor, or the Polytechnic University of Alcalá form part of his built biography.

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