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Exhibition at the CaixaForum


After showing at the Museum of Modern Art of New York and at CaixaForum Barcelona, ‘Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes’ arrives at the CaixaForum Madrid, and can be visited until 12 October. Although we featured this exhibition when it first opened at the MoMA last year (see Arquitectura Viva 155), the event certainly deserves re-coverage. The special theme of this memorable show is the presence of landscape in the work of Le Corbusier (in his buildings and his domestic interiors, as well as in the objects he designed), but in truth it amounts to a great retrospective which, under the exemplary curatorship of Jean-Louis Cohen, narrates the entire oeuvre of the French-Swiss master in a chronological way, and using milestones that are indeed canonical but not for that reason any less pertinent (the Swiss period, the travels, the early modern houses, France, Russia, Algeria, India). All this in a simple, clear, and highly efficient montage where the limelight is given to the models and the extraordinary original drawings – a good part of them belongs to the imagery of any architect – accompanied by somewhat less well-conceived life-size reproductions of fragments of interiors in certain masterworks of his, such as Villa Savoye i Poissy or the Cabanon de Vacances in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. The exhibition catalog offers essays by Stanislaus von Moos, Barry Bergdoll, Tim Benton, and Anthony Vidler besides the curator, Cohen, himself, and is reviewed by Luis Fernández-Galiano in this same issue (see page 59).

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