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Andrés Jaque at Tabacalera

Transmaterial Politics


Since the time he set up his Office for Political Innovation in the year 2003, the Spaniard Andrés Jaque has succeeded in making a niche for himself – a truly growing one at that – in both the Spanish and the international architecture scenes, on the strength of exploring phenomena of the kind which neither his fellow-practitioners nor the academic world ordinarily deigns to consider ‘architecture.’ Phenomena like the politicization of domestic space, the sexually marked character of the public sphere, the contradictions of what is nowadays widely called ‘sustainability,’ and the increasing influence of social networks in the arena of everyday coexistence, all relying on disparate, multidisciplinary discourses that feed on the basics of gender studies and are applied in accordance with efficient strategies – the installation, the gadget-manifesto – that come from the world of art. The 15-year career of Jaque will be presented on 19 November at the Madrid venues La Fragua and Estudios de Tabacalera, in an exhibition titled ‘Transmaterial Politics,’ curated by Ariadna Cantis. The show will include Jaque’s most important works of the last years, including IKEA Disobedients (which is already part of the MoMA collection), Sales Oddity (awarded at the 14th Venice Biennale), and Cosmo (PS1), alongside ‘classics’ like Escaravox and Tupper Home.

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