A Lonesome Sailor

Luis Fernández-Galiano   /  Source:  AV Monografías 119

Close to turning seventy, Renzo Piano sails the world’s seas with the courage of a lone sailor. After building on four continents, the Genoese architect keeps on facing each journey as one of discovery, in which the skillful use of rigging, the mastery in reading the winds and the steadiness in the course do not exclude surprising finds. In the almost domestic and artisanal atmosphere of the Building Workshop of Punta Nave, overlooking the sea of Liguria from the stepped terraces of the glass-covered office, the boat captain and his team study the tools at hand, the environmental conditions and the purpose of the trip, but this unique combination of technique, context and program suggests only which initial direction to take, and the final itinerary is decided en route, turning each journey and every project into a genuine exercise of inventiveness and risk...[+]

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