Esfera City Center residential complex, Monterrey

Zaha Hadid Architects 

The first Mexican project of the firm Zaha Hadid Architects is in Monterrey, in the Huajuco Canyon, and provides 981 stacked living units varying in size between 45 and 165 square meters and distributed in a total floor area of 137,000 square meters. The brief originally called for twelve apartment towers, but this was changed when ZHA proposed an alternative of sinuous low-rise volumes. Surrounding a 30,000-square-meter central park, this broken composition presents an alternation of solid and permeable areas, in response to the urban environment, closing up towards the nearby motorway and opening on to the mountains. The blocks are oriented with climate comfort in mind, optimizing solar protection and natural ventilation. The first of three construction phases is to be completed in 2018. Vídeo Zaha Hadid Architects