Whisky Distillery in Glurns
Werner Tscholl 
Whisky Distillery in Glurns

Whisky Distillery in Glurns

Werner Tscholl 

The production of 176,000 liters of whisky by Italy’s first and only distillery of this beverage takes place in a building reflecting the company’s pioneer character through a rigorous organization and an expressive facade. The emphatic division of the program into production and administrative zones does not lead to a similar separation of the building’s spaces, mixed together thanks to a double height that allows a view of the underground silos from the store situated at the level of the entrance. On the outside, the complex appears as a simple cube, nuanced only by the void corresponding to the terrace, and by the gaps of the lattice wrapped around it. Construction-wise this lattice is the project’s most unique element, formed by cement blocks of 24 x 24 x 48 centimeters, colored with soft earth tones, manufactured with an additive that makes them impermeable, and bonded without mortar, forming a modular scheme set a meter away from the inner surface of glass.

Obra Work

Destilería de whisky Whisky Distillery in Glurns (Italy).

Superficie construida Floor area

1.800 m².

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Cliente Client

Puni Distillery / Andreas Segmeister.

Arquitectos Architects

Werner Tscholl architekt / www.werner-tscholl.com

Fotos Photos

René Riller.