Valencia Arena

HOK  ERRE arquitectura 

The Valencia-based firm ERRE – headed by José Martí, Amparo Roig, and M. Ángeles Ros – in collaboration with the American firm HOK has designed the Valencia Arena multipurpose pavilion, commissioned by Licampa 1617, the holding company of the Valencian businessman Juan Roig, Mercadona’s CEO and main shareholder. A versatile venue for sporting and cultural events, it can take in 15,600 basketball fans and 18,600 concert-goers.

Containing a floor area 47,000 square meters, the building rises on land bordered by the streets Ángel de Villena, Bomber Ramón Duart, and Antonio Ferrandis, in Valencia’s Quatre Carreres neighborhood, close to L'Alqueria del Basket and the Fuente de San Luis pavilion. The project also includes a 20,000-square-meter public park and over 1,300 parking spots.

Construction is to start in 2020, for completion in 2023.