Timber Seasoning Shelter in Hooke Park
Architectural Association (AA) 
Timber Seasoning Shelter in Hooke Park

Timber Seasoning Shelter in Hooke Park

Architectural Association (AA) 

The wood drying hut that a group of students enrolled at the Architectural Association in London have put up in Hooke Park, in the southern part of England, serves as a place to store in good conditions the material to be used by other groups in building further pavilions in the zone, all designed, fabricated, and assembled with self-build (design/build) techniques. This one in particular is a small shed that takes advantage of the wood derived from the common beech tree (fagus sylvatica), a species abounding in huge plantations in Europe which has a high mechanical resistance, but because it is not very durable, it has seldom been used as a building material.

To make it usable for architectural ends, the timber is given a priming treatment with boron, which makes it resistant to the actions of insects and fungi, and it is protected with a translucent PVC membrane that has been tensed over a light subframe.

It is this substructure that is constructed with pieces of beech wood. The geometry of this element is the result of steam-bending plates of solid wood two meters long with a pneumatic press that was conceived by the students themselves. Assembled with the help of a steel bolt, the pieces become part of a hexagonal frame whose pattern allows optimizing the overall structural behavior of the ensemble, in such a way that very large squares are not necessary and it is possible to make the most of the resistant section of the logs, which were brought in directly from the plantations within the park where this shelter is situated.

Obra Work

Cobertizo para el secado de madera Timber Seasoning Shelter in Hooke Park (England).

Institución Institution

Architectural Association’s Design & Make course (London).

Estudiantes Students 

Meghan Dorrian, Kawit Ko-Udomvit, Omri Menashe, Glen Stellmacher.

Tutores Tutors

Charley Brentnall, Stewart Doff, Martin Self.

Supervisión del taller Workshop and site supervision

Charlie Corry Wright, Edward Coe, Jack Hawker.

Consultor de estructuras Structural consultant

Arup (Francis Archer, Glen Rust, Toby Clark).

Suministro de la membrana Membrane supplier

Architen Landrell (Lance Rowell, Ceri Richards).

Ensayos de la madera Timber testing

Bath University (Nick Gathercole).

Cimientos Foundations

Beacon Foundations.

Fotos Photos

Valerie Bennett, AA Design & Make students.