Developed by ten students based on active bending studies, the pavilion is made up of a set of structural pine wood parts which are bent into shape and held blocking the movement of the remaining pieces without the use of glue... [+]

Arquitectos Architects

Wood Program

Universidad University

Aalto University

Tutores Instructors

P. Heikkinen, P. Tidwell, H. Hirsi

Equipo de diseño Design Team

C. Bouthegourd, E. Kofler, G. Archimede, H. Mori, J. Stanier, J. Mera, K. Manabe, L. Zubillaga, N. Westerholm, S. Bie Malde

Consultores Consultants

J. Helminen (estructura structure design), Lunawood, Aimopeite, Würth, Lauta Oy (proveedores material suppliers)

Fotos Photos

K. Räisänen