Pavilion in the Peruvian jungle

Paulo Afonso  Marta Maccaglia 

The architects Paulo Afonso, Portuguese, and Marta Maccaglia, Italian, built this multifunctional classroom in Mazaronkiari, a Nomatsiguenga native community located in the Pangoa district, in the heart of the Peru’s central jungle. The initial idea of a school canteen became a versatile, 125-square-meter space that also serves as a classroom, an auditorium, and a venue for village gatherings. A roof with eaves of corrugated zinc stretches over a large pediment and a wooden structure whose trusses jut outward. Built on a platform of cement, the pavilion includes a kitchen made with bricks, and a diaphanous hall bordered by walls presenting louvers and colorful mobile panels that bend 90 degrees to become tables and create large windows to the surrounding landscape.