Paseo de Pereda 9-12 en Santander
David Chipperfield Architects 

Spain’s leading bank has renovated its headquarters to showcase its rich collection of artworks, and with this it creates a new cultural hub for the city to which it is intimately bound.

A gateway between city and sea, the arch that connects the twin edifices gives a view of the new circulation elements of a center that will have exhibition galleries, but also multipurpose halls and a public roof terrace...[+][+]

Paseo de Pereda 9-12
Santander (Spain).

Banco Santander.

David Chipperfield Architects London / David Chipperfield, Benito Blanco, Billy Prendergast (design lead); Sergio Pereira, José Azevedo (project architects); R. Álvarez, A. Azuara, A. Awramenko, T. Coray, B. Criscuoli, C. Crumley, V. Gallagher, C. Gerritzen, N. Giraudet, A. Hill, A. Jimenez, J. Little, D. Maggio, J. Park, R. Pimenta, I. Sanz Pinto, D. Puga, M. Resines, L. Respondek, C. Vincelli, R. Youel (team).

iAMarq, IDOM (architect of record); Bernabeu Ingenieros (structure); Úrculo Ingenieros (MEP services and sustainbility); Thornton Tomasetti (facade); Arup (lighting); iAMarq (quantity surveyor and fire protection).

8.200 m².