Niyang River Visitor Center
ZAO / standardarchitecture 

Niyang River Visitor Center

ZAO / standardarchitecture 

Mirui Road follows the Niyang River along its sinuous course towards the south, enjoying the mountainous landscape of Tibet. Along its path it meets Daze village, chosen to be the entrance to this tourist attraction with a visitors’ center that has a basic program consisting of ticket office, restrooms and dressing rooms for those who go there to practice rafting in the river rapids.

The main challenges of the project were to blend the new building into its environment and to favor a series of relationships with it. Thus, the material chosen for the enclosure is local stone, which fits perfectly well with the surrounding rocky landscape, and that was used following vernacular techniques. On the roof, a 15-centimeter layer of local clay, called Aga, provides protection from water, and includes the rainwater drainage pipes. Furthermore, the open central space is carved out of the irregular volume and is connected with the landscape through four oblique entrances painted in intense colors achieved with mineral pigments. Though the colors lack symbolic references, their use reminds of the importance of color in Tibetan culture. 

Cliente Client

Tibet Tourism

Arquitectos Architects

StandardArchitecture-Zhao Yang Studio

Colaboradores Collaborators

Zhang Ke, Zhang Hong, Hou Zhenghua, Chen Ling

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Chen Su