Peter Dass Museum, Alstahaug

Peter Dass Museum, Alstahaug


Petter Dass (1647-1707) is considered to be one of the most important and respected Norwegian poets. He was also the Vicar at the church of the small town of Alstahaug in the province of Nordland, where he passed away, and where now the 1,350-square meter museum honors his work. The design is marked by the decision to conceal the building in the rock, blending it into this historic site. The cut in the mountain creates a 70 x 15.5 meter void and establishes a new ground level near to the existing church. The volume is then tucked into this artificial gorge leaving two narrow passageways that flank the museum lengthwise, and are defined by the carved rock and the glass of their walls. The glass facades at both ends of the building offer views towards the church on one side and towards the sky on the other, visually and conceptually connecting the past and the future, respectively represented by the historic site and the view towards the sky. The integration with the environment is most impressive during the winter when the roof of the museum, covered with snow, practically disappears. Its presence is revealed only by the deep cuts in the rockface that illuminate at night, as well as by the large cantilever that reaches out to the sea.

KF Petter Dass Eiendom

Architect, Landscape & Interior: Snøhetta

Alstahaug Kommune. Ingerniør Per Rasmussen. Norconsult AS. VVS Plan AS. Brekke & Strand AS

EntrepreTOR AS. Lønnheim Entreprenør AS. Veidekke Entreprenør AS

Surface area
1.350 m²

Aake E. Lindman, Marte Garmann Johnsen, Snøhetta, Nil Arbok