‘Under’ Subaquatic Restaurant
‘Under’ Subaquatic Restaurant

‘Under’ Subaquatic Restaurant


Located in Lindesnes, a municipality at the southern tip of the Norwegian coast, where north and south sea winds meet, the building is propped against the craggy shore, partly sinking into the water to rest on the seabed five meters deep. A work of the Oslo firm Snøhetta, the 34-meter-long monolith has concrete walls a meter thick, with a rough texture that makes mollusks and algae cling to them and eventually form an articial reef. An entrance clad in untreated oak wood leads to the interior of the 495-square-meter, three-level construction. With room for 40 diners, the restaurant features a large acrylic window providing magnificent views of the undersea environment and its variations through the seasons and weather conditions. Similar to a sunken peroscope, it serves after hours as a marine biology laboratory.

Obra Work

Restaurante subacuático ‘Under’ (Noruega) ‘Under’ Subaquatic Restaurant, Lindesnes (Norway).

Arquitectos Architects


Colaboradores Collaborators

Reynolds Polymer Technology (ventanas windows); HAMRAN Snekkerverksted AS (carpintería wood); ERV AS (fontanería y ventilación piping and ventilation); Tratec (electricidad electricity); Stålesen Mekaninske Verksted AS (cerrajero metalwork); SMV Asplan Viak AS (estructura structure), CoreMarine (impacto olas wave impact); Drag AS (protección contra incendios fire consultants); Brekke & Strand Akustikk AS (acústica acoustics); ÅF Lighting (iluminación lighting); Trond Rafoss (biología marina marine biology).

Constructor Contractor

TBRG Entreprenør.

Superficie Area

495 m².

Fotos Photos

Ivar Kvaal, Stian Broch.