Akron Art Museum

Coop Himmelb(l)au 

Blair Kamin

They are the Rolling Stones of architecture, aging bad boys who once shocked with their jagged forms, snappy slogans and outrageous provocations. In 1980, they ignited a winglike piece of exposed steel suspended above a university courtyard in Graz, Austria, and proclaimed: ‘Architecture Must Burn!’ So it was predictable that the expansion of the Akron Art Museum, the first public building in the U.S. by Wolf Prix and Vienna-based Coop Himmelb(l)au, would enrage some people in the small American city of Akron, Ohio. Indeed, the expansion, which opened last July, has been compared to a piece of space junk that fell out of orbit and crash-landed on the museum’s ruddy old Renaissance Revival building... [+]

Cliente Client

Akron Art Museum

Arquitectos Architects

Coop Himmelb(l)au: Wolf D. Prix, Helmut Swiczinsky & Partner

Colaboradores Collaborators

Michael Volk, Angus Schoenberger, Florian Pfeifer, Mona Bayr, Mona Marbach, Marcelo Bernardi, Philip Vogt, Dan Narita, Lorenz Bürgi, Daniela Kobel, Mohamed Fezazi, Robert Haranza, Tom Wiscombe, Dionicio Valdez; Westlake, Reed, Leskosky (proyecto de ejecución executive architect)

Consultores Consultants

B+G Ingenieure, De Simone Consulting Engineers (estructura structural engineer); IBE Consulting Engineers (instalaciones mechanical engineer); Arup Acoustics (acústica acoustics); George Sexton Associates (iluminación lighting design)

Fotos Photos

Roland Halbe