Midi Train Station

The project to renovate the railway station includes, in its 250,000 square meters of offices, retail spaces and conference center, a V-shaped building over the train tracks and several structures stretching along Fonsny Avenue. 

The V-shaped office building – of 120 meters in height – is clad in glass and tilts 52 degrees to become a mirror towards the city. The inner side of the south facade is protected by brise-soleil and the north one, by glass greenhouses... [+]

Obra Work

Midi Train Station

Cliente Client

National Belgium Rail SNCB / Eurostation

Fecha de proyecto Project date

mayo 2009 May 2009

Permiso de construcción Building permit

finales 2012 end 2012

Estado Status

no construido?unbuilt

Socios Partners

Didier Brault, David Fagart

Jefe del proyecto Project Leader

Alain Gvozdenovic

Ingeniería Engineering

Eurostation (estabilidad, climatización, circulaciones verticales stability, HVAC, electrical, vertical circulations)

Consultores Consultant

AEDIS Ingénierie (estructuras, en fase de proyecto structures, concept phase); Belgometal – Kyotec Group, NBK (fachadas facades); Nacelles Platform: Gomyl (plataforma platform); Von Karman Institute (túnel de viento wind tunnel)